Senior Data/Analytics Engineer

What Is 5x?
5x provides companies everything they need to convert data to $$. Our goal is to commoditize data engineering and to be able to do it far faster, cheaper and better than hiring your own team inhouse or using an external consulting company.

5x provides companies with 2 things:

1. Best in class data infrastructure around the modern data stack. Instead of spending 6 months and signing multiple enterprise contracts to get started. 5x provides the end to end infrastructure as a service. This means companies can get started on Day 1.

2. Highly qualified vetted data engineers – This is where you come in. We embed our engineers into our target companies. Given we know what the data stack looks like beforehand we have high quality training programs and direct slack support from the 5x Internal team so you are always supported.
5x is led by Tarush Aggarwal (LinkedIn), who was the first data engineer at and previously led data for Wework supporting 15,000 employees using data self-service.

Get the compensation you deserve
5x offers you a better salary than local companies in most countries. Give yourself a raise while working on consumer, ecommerce, healthcare, fintech, enterprise or other exciting global products.

Who can become a 5x Data Engineer

Communicate effectively and proactively, with daily stand up check ins
Function effectively with minimal supervision and take charge of your own assignments
Should be independent, self-confident and assertive
Ability to take initiative and manage multiple priorities at once
Follow instructions given by the 5x platform and implement for the particular client based on the needs.

The focus of this job centers around producing timely results that are high quality and accurate. It requires an ability to deal with abstract concepts, systems and ideas and all of that in an organized and self-disciplined way. Central to this job is the need to weigh all decisions carefully and thoroughly, based on expertise in order to avoid unpredictable risk. Getting the job done and getting it done right are the two, equal, drivers for this job.

Job Characteristics:

Fast-paced environment with a focus on timely, correct results
Decisions are to be made based on careful understanding of all available information; detailed technical knowledge; expertise and serious considerations for all sides of the issue/problem
The job is technically demanding, critical and exacting

Requirements of becoming a 5x Engineer

Proficient in SQL and Python
Eager to learn the modern data stack i.e Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Looker
Knowledgeable in building insightful dashboards using Google Data Studio or Looker Familiar with orchestration tools like Airflow
Familiar with Data Engineering concepts like ELT , Streaming & Real Time Pipeline
Familiar with front-end event tracking and instrumentation tools like Heap & Segment
Excellent communicator who can talk to a customer with the same ease with which you build datasets.
Getting things done, know how to unblock yourself, communicate and engage with customers proactively with minimal supervision.
Work full time for 40hours/week

Benefits of becoming a 5x Engineer

Higher salary than local data engineer salaries in most countries.
Work from home or remotely with a company that values work-life balance.
Once you qualify for 5x, you can live in any part of the world you like and still be plugged into the very best global job opportunities.
A chance to work with data engineers from businesses like Salesforce, Uber, Samsung, WeWork, Alibaba, Twitter.
Chance of further training with the best data engineering trainers for free. These types of resources are usually only available to engineers working in silicon valley. If you are serious about Data Engineering look no further.

Please only apply if:

You have 2+ years experience in similar roles.
You can commit your time to the interview process.
You are willing to work full time 40hours/week remotely. We do not have part time opportunities
Fluent in English & a master communicator.

Need to get in touch with:

Senior Data Engineer

  • Salary Competitive Salary, Higher than local companies
  • Hours Full Time
  • Location Global (Remote Working, Flexible Time Zone)
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