What you get

  • Modern data stack deployed in your development environment
  • Security, compliance, governance, PII handling out of the box
  • Single monthly bill consolidated across multiple vendors
  • Full time dedicated data engineers pre trained on our stack that service as extensions of your team
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What can “Data in a box’ enable
for your business

Here are some of the top capabilities we enable for your business

Self-service reporting

Companies where employees can answer 80% of questions self service are far faster at execution than companies that use ad how reporting.

Data Quality

Don’t let bad quality data stop you from investing in a data strategy. Our data ingestion process helps you identify data quality issues and we provide recommendations on how to fix them once in for all.

Customer Data Products

Being able to surface analytics and recommendations from your data back to your customers allows you to strengthen your core offering.

Intelligence Everywhere

The ability to push data back into systems like your CRM or marketing automation tools allows you have the right data when are where you need it

Decision Making

Auto generate deep analytical reports using AI to help you answer complicated questions and provide actionable recommendations to optimise the business.

Data Lineage and Catalog

As your business grows, so do your number of data sets. We provide you data catalogues out of the box so you have visibility into what are your core data sets and what are ones which were used for an ad hoc report.

Getting Started with

Data In A Box vs Setting up your data stack

Time to analysis



Modern data stack without the setup

The modern data stack is extremely fragmented and different vendors focus on different layers of the stack.

This means companies have to sign multiple enterprise contracts and deploy engineers to stitch together the stack. With 5x, focus on your business use cases, we’ll take care of the stack and the vendors.

  • No setup time
  • Integrate with different vendors with 1-click
  • Security and privacy by design
  • Single monthly bill consolidated across multiple vendors


Full-time Dedicated Data Engineer

5x also provides highly vetted data engineers who can serve as an extension of your internal team.

We hire the top 1% of engineers and on top of that we can pre train them on our platform which means our engineers are productive on day 1. Companies using our engineers and platform are able to drive data strategies in weeks not years.

  • Embed top 1% of engineers into your team
  • 0 onboarding time and scale as you grow
  • Minimum supervision required from the business
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“We can now make decisions from analytics based on data from all our sources. That's a game changer for a company like us.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic

Head of Risk and Data at Bank Novo


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