5x is where top non-tech companies hire remote data engineers.

Once you’re a 5x engineer, you will never
have to apply for another job.

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5x’s salaries are higher than
local data engineer salaries
in most countries.

You’ll be able to join an
exceptional community of

You can live in any part of
the world you like and
work remotely.

5x engagements are long term.
We are a long term replacement for
companies' data needs

Why work with 5x

Top non-tech companies will hire remote data engineers from 5x. Unlike tech companies where you are a part of a larger organization, over here your skills and systems knowledge make you a valuable asset to any company.

We realise that everybody understands that data is important but, in our experience, the majority of non tech companies get little or no value from their data. Thats because the knowledge of what to do and how to do it is not trivial. Not to mention hiring and retaining top talent is not something these companies have experience with.

Our program helps translate business needs into technical data requirements. Once we have established these requirements, that’s where the remote data engineers’ step in and take over.

Our platform connects data engineers to top global companies that are doing our program and want to use data to execute better. We provide the architecture, best practices, data models & step by step instructions needed and you will be responsible for executing it for the client.

Once the initial infrastructure setup is complete, our clients typically continue working with our data engineers over longer term projects.

Why work with 5x
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Senior Data/Analytics Engineer

  • Hours Full Time
  • Location Global (Remote Working, Flexible Time Zone)
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Senior Technical Data Project Manager

  • Hours Full Time
  • Location Global (Remote Working, Flexible Time Zone)
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Impact real world business growth with 5X

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5x is a company which says it values work life balance and actually means it. Remote working saves a lot of time for you and you decide...

Who can become a 5x Engineer?

You are in the top 5% of
global data engineers

You can work full time
(40 hours/week)

You have 2 years+
experience within a data field

You are fluent in English and
a proactive communicator

You can work alone with
minimal supervision

You have a growth mindset

You have 5-8 hours for tests,
challenges and video interviews

You are ready to take on something new!


Meet the Founder

Tarush Agarwal

Founder & CEO 5X

Tarush is one of the leading experts in leveraging data for exponential growth, with over ten years experience in the field.

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Work From Anywhere

We have employees working from U.S, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina & Mexico

Why work with 5x?

Work Full-time at Top Companies in Data Engineering

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