The Modern Data Stack Platform

5x is the industry’s first Modern Data Stack Platform to use API’s to manage your infrastructure – Automated Vendor Provisioning, 1-click Integrations, Consolidated Billing, Role Based Access Control and much more.

1-click integrations with Data Vendors

Add new vendors to your platform with a single click. No more speaking to sales teams or worrying about integrations.

Single Consolidated
Monthly Bill

A single monthly bill consolidated across all of your vendors. No long term commitments or enterprise contracts.

Security & Compliance By Design

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We pre-vet vendors based on modern security practices. SOC 2, GDPR, HIPA, CCPA, ISO, PSI you name it.

Role Based Access Control

Get a birds eye view of accounts across all vendors. Add users onto 5x and manage access to all vendors centrally.

Datasets to Accelerate Development

Datasets accelerate development velocity by setting up common use cases across all of your vendors so you don’t have to start from scratch

World Class Support

Chat with our support agents as a first line for all of your support request. We know its annoying interfacing with multiple vendors.

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“We can now make decisions from analytics based on data from all our sources. That's a game changer for a company like us.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic



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