The Modern Data
Stack. Delivered

Spend your time focusing on business outcomes instead of negotiating contracts with vendors or building your data stack. We’ll take care of that for you

Why do you need a
managed data stack?

The modern data stack is extremely fragmented

We have multiple layers of the modern data stack like Data collection, ingestion, storage, modeling, reporting-to name a few. Each of them have a different best in class vendor.

Engineering overhead required

Given the stack is so fragmented, there is a need to hire engineers to stitch this stack together and maintain it. Not practical for the majority of companies who want to focus on business outcomes.

Expensive, annual enterprise contracts

Vendors are incentivized to lock you into expensive enterprise contracts which you prepay for. This means you have high overhead costs before you even get started.

Ready to turn your data into dollars?

*Approx saving of 500k in the first year

Core data stack delivered in seconds, not months

Setting up the stack takes time and is prone to misconfigurations. With 5x you get the stack out of the box which includes:

  • Data Ingestion Layer to pull data from different sources
  • Data warehouse, a single storage layer for all your data
  • Data modeling layer to join, structure and clean raw messy data for your business to utilize
  • Pick your own Business Intelligence tool or we can help you pick one based on your needs

1-click Integrations for all other services you might need

Apart from the core stack 5x supports 1-click integrations with dozens of other services to add to your data capabilities

  • Add best in class vendors from different categories of the modern data stack
  • Direct workflows for automatic access to your data
  • We’ll take care of vendor management and billing

Security built-in

With 5x you don’t need to worry about setting up the right process for protecting your user data, it automagically happens

  • Direct Encryption of PII information, so not even your team can see it, Data is only accessible to key stakeholders
  • Access control and user provisioning across the entire data stack
  • Audits, compliance, governance out of the box
  • Inbuilt processes for GDPR compliance

Single bill for the entire data stack

Pre-negotiated deal with all vendors in the stack so you don’t need to worry about negotiations. Spend your time leveraging data and the best tools.

  • No long term subscriptions
  • Discounts and other perks from vendors like dedicated Slack access
  • Priority Support
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“We can now make decisions from analytics based on data from all our sources. That's a game changer for a company like us.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic

Head of Risk and Data at Bank Novo


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