Top 1% of Data
Engineers embedded
directly into your team

We work with the best engineers globally so you can focus on business outcomes

Work With The Top 1% Of Engineers

We only work with the top 1% of engineers. We have developed an interview process where we interview hundred’s of engineers per week. 5x engineers go through extensive technical tests, psychometric analysis to look for red flags and live video interviews to test communication skills.

  • Embed engineers into your teams on the same day
  • Save 30+ hours of wasted time per engineer you hire
  • Extremely high retention rate
  • Product management support available to manage
    the engineers if required

Pre-trained On The Modern Data Stack

Since we work exclusively on the modern data stack we can pre train these engineers on the vendors and best practices. This means engineers from 5x are productive on day 1. Furthermore any time you add a new vendor to your stack your 5x engineers will automatically be sent a training module for that vendor so that your engineers are always up to speed.

  • Continuous training and up-leveling programs
  • 5x engineers have direct slack access to different partner engineering teams
  • Support from the extensive community and internal engineers at 5x.

Work With A Global

Embed engineers from multiple regions into your workforce so you can have 24/7 support. We handle HR, payments and compliance. We currently support or are about to launch the following regions:

  • South East Asia
  • Central and South America (Beta)
  • Africa (Beta)
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“We can now make decisions from analytics based on data from all our sources. That's a game changer for a company like us.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic

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