Faster, cheaper and of a higher quality than consultants or in-house teams.

Why Work With 5x? 

We use prefabricated templates for everything from infrastructure setup, core data models and reporting templates This streamlines the set-up, reducing time and cost for the client.

Starting from scratch
is expensive and slow

We have a network of data engineers available on tap. We certify our data experts through a rigorous testing process, and have an acceptance rate of less than 4%. 

Screened and certified 
high quality remote data engineers

Most companies rush to extract insights before actually building their data foundations. Without the correct foundations, each analysis actually gets more complicated.

With 5x, Setting up the foundation takes a little longer, subsequent data projects become more time and cost effective.

“Secret Sauce” is not the data aggregation, analysis or visualization but building scalable data foundations, at low cost

How we stack up against the competition


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