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The 5X platform lets you automatically integrate the different data technology vendors to create a data platform specific to your business, without building any functionality or integrations yourself and without ever speaking to a vendor sales team.

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    Easy as it gets

    Setup your data platform in 4 minutes. No more wasting months interfacing with different vendors. Setup your data platform in 4 minutes on 5x.

    The small matter of saving money

    Say bye to annual enterprise contracts. 5x gives you one consolidated monthly bill based on your usage. No long term contracts.

    Focus on what you love

    Did you know engineers typically spend 30% of their time on maintenance & upgrades. With 5x spend 100% of your time on analytics & recommendations.

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    “We needed more than a basic business intelligence tool, we needed to organise our data so we could develop insights that would give them an advantage over their competitors”.

    Steve Hibberd


    “I can’t tell you how many times the chairman of our board said, You are doing this right by leading with data. A lot of startups wait too long”.

    Keith Elliott


    “Our next-gen data stack with 5x means we don’t have to think through every possible edge case in the data model in advance”.

    Anthony M. Jerkovic


    Capabilities you want
    from your data platform

    You can customise the capabilities of your data platform depending on your industry, use cases, size and budget. Here are some of the most common capabilities we recommend getting started with. You can always add new capabilities on the fly.

    Automated Data Ingestion

    The average today has over 10 sources of data. Automated data ingestion allows you to pull from over 150 data sources into your warehouse reliability with 0 maintenance.

    Data Warehousing

    Data warehouses have become synonymous with analytics today. Data warehouses give you a single place to store data from multiple sources for easy analytics.

    Data Modelling

    Once you have data from data different sources data modeling tools allow you to clean, join and structure this data in a repeatable way that is usable by the business.

    Self-service reporting

    Companies where employees can answer 80% of questions self service are far faster at execution than companies that use ad hoc reporting.

    Data Observability

    Be the first to know about bad data. Monitor your entire warehouse & Identify downstream impact.

    Augmented Analytics

    Auto generate insights using AI to help you answer complicated questions and provide actionable recommendations to optimise the business.

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